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26 May 2009 @ 06:22 am
First exam in 2 hours 40 minutes! This is my exam week of hell - exams Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (oh yes, nothing is sacred) and then my degree is totally over. How sad.

Before I do some last minute revision, some points about my life:
1) Last week I went to the Royal Society. We were given tours and my tutor blatently knew far more about the history of the place than their librarian. We got to look at some books out of their archives, inluding the original copy of Hooke's Micrographia. OMGZ, actually nearly peed myself. We had a look at the original flea drawing and it's so beautiful. All of us geeked out stared at it lovingly for a good ten minutes

2)I handed in my last ever coursework essay. Well, it wasn't marked but it was a 3000 word one with a presentation. I got a 76. Which is the perfect mark, as I got one in first year and thought that was the peak of my academi year. The department isn't even allowed to give out 80s, so getting a first that's even close to that is super amazing. If only I could recreate marks like that in the exams this week!
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